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Acc No : 05320100011303
Bank : Bank of Baroda
Branch : T-Nagar

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Overview of Care India Foundation

This foundation was started by S Chandrasekar Alumni of IIT & Anna University seeing the plight of various unlucky people contracting life threaten diseases , advertising for help for undergoing medical treatment Also he has seen the abnormal charges the private hospitals are charging them without any humanitarian concern.

He then asked for himself “ Whether there will be a an Einstein or a Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi among those who are denied the medical benefits .If we could save them perhaps we could see a Jesus or Mahatma in them in future .

Finally what is the purpose of this life with so many sufferings in our sight and go without noticing them. This coupled with the pathetic condition of the Governments hospitals entrenched in deep corruption ignited him to start contributing his personal earnings towards various charitable institutions and the needy. Later on he thought with the help of like minded people he could make it bigger and better service to the society .

So he calls for the Have’s and who are blessed to come forward in an big way and help achieve his ambition of helping the Government to implement its policy of Health and education for all .